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SmartTubeNext APK
Android 5.0+
22.7 MB

The SmartTubeNext APK is the latest YouTube alternative, and the developer has nailed it to perfection. Based on the increasing features of users in the solution itself, this app has been upgraded and modified to include some important elements. Which is redundant and not available on YOUTUBE. It also has the ability to broadcast unlimited live channels and is a new version of Kamal with advanced modes that are much better and more powerful than YouTube.

The world is becoming more digital day by day, and failing to understand online platforms is unwise. However, the majority of requests are for additional modifications and features. So, let us now introduce SmartTubeNext, which is similar to YouTube but offers much more. Only a few witnesses are not familiar with YouTube and are unaware of its existence. Currently, it is connected to people of all ages and is the most popular and widely used tracking platform.

It is the most popular video hosting medium with many advantages. It has now spread to all corners and borders of the world and is used by people all over the world. It supports a wide variety of YouTube content on all Android smartphones, PCs, and iOS devices.

About The APP:

It is compatible with all Android and OSI devices and is small and easy to use. To increase user interest, this app is designed to stream YouTube content easily and for free through Smart TV. It is a better option to download and stream all live events and live channels on your smart TV. It is very easy to use and similar to other streaming devices like Fire TV, Fire Stick, etc. If you are familiar with them, it can run them for you.

Because this is a third-party application that is not available on the Google Play Store, you can easily download it from this page. It will be compatible with AI-powered smart TVs. It does not allow you to watch live channels on regular television. This is due to the fact that the design of the old television operating system is very complete, and the user does not watch traditional television. As a result, it has been designed for Android and smartphones to allow users to access live-streaming channels. Users can improve their viewing experience by circumventing limitations and defying cable regulations by using SmartTubeNext.

Feature of SmartTubeNext APK:

It has numerous premium features. Signing in to the app allows users to access all of their subscriptions, playlists, and history.

Adjustable Playback Speed:

With this advanced application, users can change the playback speed of movies, dramas, and TV shows. You can set it to minimize or maximize your comfort.

Customizable Button:

A customization button is rarely provided to users by any application. It is one of the application’s best features, allowing users to customize live channels and events at their fingertips.


Sponsor-block is a browser extension that allows anyone to submit a request or pay for sponsored items through these platforms. The app gives users the option of including or excluding these funded components.

Organized categories: The app has perfectly classified all of the content. You can find their favorite content by exploring these categories rather than searching for it in a hub. They have categories such as breaking news, cartoons, gaming, television shows, lifestyle, comedy, nature, and recently uploaded videos.

No Ads:

The application does not allow third-party advertisements to interrupt users while they are watching their favorite show. People get rid of these items as a result of unnecessary advertisements.
Multiple languages with subtitles are supported by the app. You watch programs and events on any


It supports French, Deutsch, Spanish, Russian, and even Hindi in addition to English. Include subtitles with videos.


SmartTubeNext APK makes it simple to access the most desirable YouTube features. It also has easy access to HD streaming channels. As a result, premium features ensure your free entertainment. You can also get it for free from our website if you want more control over YouTube.

January 26, 2023