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There are many streaming apps today. But NT TV APK offers a free streaming app. Get the best local and international movies and shows for free now.

This app exists because many people can’t afford to pay the monthly premium with streaming apps. Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and many more offer a lot, but they also charge a monthly fee to users. So, if you don’t want to pay that, you can stick with NT TV Live.

This app contains just as many if not more movies and shows today. You can browse Hollywood and Bollywood films freely here. Also, you can watch live tv channels, cricket matches, football matches, and many more without any issue. There’s no need to pay anything as long as you download this app here.
You can also add your favorite movies and shows to your list.

Features of NT TV:

What if there’s a free way to stream today. With NT TV, you can enjoy streaming to the max.

Free Streaming:

The streaming world is filled with various apps that you can freely use today. Any limits no longer bound you since you’re free to stream as much as you like with these apps.

There are so many available and enjoyable streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many more. But you’ll need to pay a monthly premium if you want to enjoy these streaming apps. With NTTV, you’re free to enjoy as many movies and shows as you want.

With this app, you can easily have fun with the latest movies and shows now. Feel free to stream movies like Godzilla vs. Kong, WW84, The Virtuoso, Justice League, Wrong Turn, Honest Thief, and many more.

There are many movies and shows that you can stream in different categories like action, romance, thriller, animation, family, horror, and many more. You can also add as many titles to your list so you can access them easily.

Countless Shows and Films:

With so many amazing shows and movies available right now, you’ll be able to browse thousands on NTTV. There are so many titles available right here, and they’re all for free.

You don’t need to wait anymore as the app is updated frequently. This means you can enjoy the best movies and shows without paying right now. Feel free to stream as much as you want today.

Various Categories:

With NT TV APK, you can enjoy the best movies and shows in multiple categories. There is horror, action, romance, family, thriller, suspense, drama, and many more.

My List:

With this app, you can enjoy adding titles to your list today. Here, you’re free to enjoy so many titles that you can easily access in your list.

Live TV Channels:

You can watch unlimited tv channels from all around the world. Now you can easily watch sports channels, movie channels, tv shows channels, news channels, and many more.


Have fun with so many movies and shows now with NT TV APK. Stream as much as you like today. More ever check our site APKinjector for the latest apps.

November 16, 2022