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Kuronew Hacks APK Download (Latest Version) v49.2 for Android

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Kuronew Hacks APK
expert developers
Android 5.0+
175 MB

Are you tired of playing the same level over and over without making any progress? Want to unlock all the characters and weapons in your favourite games without breaking a sweat? Look no further than Kuronew Hacks! It has fun gameplay and more features than other MOBA games. Actually, this is a new modified version of the game and this mod features auto hemlock, shows minimap, unlocks all skins, esp monster and player, and no login. Which improves every bit of it and provides all the comforts of the game practically for free.

Kuronew hacks Apk is a powerful tool that can enhance your Mobile Legends Bang Bang gaming experience by giving you access to various features and options that are otherwise not available in the original version of your game. With Kuronew Hacks, you can customize your gameplay, improve your skills, and unlock all the hidden content in your favourite games. So, if you want to do this, then don’t hesitate to download it by clicking on the given link.

Since it is still new, users should be aware of proper implementation procedures. It is actually quite challenging. So, in this piece, we will discuss the benefits of using Kuronew Hack as well as how to install it.

What are Kuronew Hacks?

Kuronew hacks modify the original version of the game to provide additional features and abilities to MLBB players. These hacks are created by expert developers who understand the inner workings of various games and can customize them as per the needs of individual players. One can access an unlimited number of game items using it for free.

Kuronew Hacks provide a variety of benefits, such as unlimited resources, better graphics, better gameplay, and access to hidden content. As you may know, game owners earn money by selling various in-game items for their own benefit, as this is their only source of income. That’s why everyone downloads and plays mobile legends, but it is unappealing due to the lack of features and the absence of premium features. Many players give up on it, but many continue to search for the secret key. They use all available sources, including formal and informal procurement. Kuronew Hack aims to do all of this as well as provide everything from inferior to premium features for free.

Features of Kuronew Hacks:

Kuronew Hack Apk offers players a free and simple interface for customizing the game. It, like other MOBAs, provides enjoyable gameplay as well as a high degree of performance and enjoyment. It is also secure to use because of its anti-restriction properties. Avatar skins, drone camera settings, and attack and defence mechanisms are all free and serve various purposes. Anyway, here’s a short rundown of the tricks contained within.

  • FPS Control.
  • Monster Line from ESP.
  • ESP Monster Box.
  • Line and box dimensions.
  • ESP Monster Health Bar.
  • Player Room Specifics.
  • The ESP Player Box.
  • The ESP Player Lineup.
  • Box Dimensions and Player Line.
  • Player Distinction.
  • ESP Name of the player.
  • The player’s health bar.
  • ESP 360 Warning.
  • Display Enemy Rank.
  • Display the Hero’s Name.
  • Cooldown for the enemy.
  • Display the Enemy Icon Map.
  • Display Enemy Bar Information.
  • Drone Horizontal View.
  • Unlock Every Skin.
  • Unlock Every Emblem.
  • It basic Attack with Aim Lock.
  • Lock Spell with Aim.
  • Aim Lock Techniques.
  • Much, much more.

How to Download and Install to Use?

  • First, download the apk from the link provided in this step.
  • Do not install when the download is complete.
  • Instead, go to Phone Files > Android > Data > and search for com.mobile.legends. Add “1” gaming account. It is, in essence, an unofficial form. To make this moniker even more unique.
  • Now, uninstall the original MLBB game and replace it with Kuronew Hacks APK.
  • Remove the “1” from the OBB file and edit it again.
  • Finally, the modified game is operational. However, don’t use your ranking.


Finally, Kuronew HackS Apk is a powerful tool that can help you enhance your gaming experience and defeat your enemies while conquering the battlefield. These make you a better attacker and give your avatar unlimited equipment, health and great game features. So what are you waiting for? Download Kuronew Hack today and start using it and take your gaming experience to the next level! Therefore, the use of such advanced devices in games is not permissible. Because cheating is prohibited, you should be careful about it.

March 25, 2023