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Kodi TV APK Download (Latest v19.4) Free For Android

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Kodi TV
Android 5.0+
72.2 MB

There is a new tv app called Kodi TV which shows you everything you want for free to watch. Download the latest version from our site for free and easy. Use it at your convenience With Kodi App casting across your device, you can view your entire media collection with just one tap or click. Whether it’s on your Android phone or any other smartphone, you can easily take full control of your media content across all consoles and devices.

You Can Be able to watch movies and TV shows or listen to music whenever you want on Kodi Tv. And you won’t have to go anywhere if you use this app. Download the latest version from our site for free and easy. This is the latest Kodi TV Apk for android. Also, visit our website and download it for free and more others you want to choose from. People who are constantly on the go and don’t have time to watch their favorite shows on television will find it to be incredibly useful. They only need to take out their phone, and they are ready to go.

Kodi TV App review:

KodiTV Apk is the best choice for Android is a free media player and the biggest entertainment hub for your home theatre and PCs. In these App, users have placed it on a large screen and are enjoying watching Free TV. it is because it has the appearance of cable TV but is free to use and does not require cable tv problems.

It can even be run and controlled remotely by another app and you are simply using it in your hands. The ease of use, compatibility with devices 5″ and wider, and obviously the low pricing since you’re not paying for it to exist are just a few advantages of having this program on a device. This is not a bad concept to have. The software has the advantage of supporting all audio and video formats.

In case you didn’t aware, Kodi TV APK can be downloaded for free, thus you have no choice but to accept this offer. Installing any of its services on your devices is completely up to you. You won’t be left out whether you use Kodi for Windows, iOS, Mac OS, or another Linux-based distribution.

Features Of Kodi Tv :

The following are just a few of the many features and services that this multimedia center offers:

movie player:
All popular video formats and sources, including online and streaming content, are supported by the movie player. Any title can be imported, complete with all of its creative and supporting details (trailers, posters, covers, extras, far. It also enables the playing of 3D and HD videos.

TV program viewer:
Take pleasure in TV shows and movies alike. That is, with detailed descriptions of stories and actors, as well as a tag system that allows for better and improved establishment.

Images viewer:
Browse through your photo collection in various ways after importing it. You can filter, group, or play slideshows of them as you choose.

TV and record the shows you want to remember:
One of its intriguing features is the ability to tune in to your favorite TV channels and save the shows you want to remember.

Music player:
With support for formats like MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, or WMA, you won’t encounter any barriers to enjoying your favorite songs and bands. Your music collection also has a spot. Additionally, you will always have the most up-to-date information because it can import tags from internet resources like MusicBrainz and create intelligent lists that you can use for pro customization with extensions: 

Customization with extensions: 
We can customize the playing of any content to our preferences for watching videos or listening to music by installing add-ons that are available from repositories created by its user community.

Skins for the user interface: 
Download and install a variety of skins for the software to change how it looks visually. Select from a variety of skins or create your own.

Live shows:
Kodi also enables you to download and view live shows. This functionality is compatible with a wide range of well-known backends, including MediaPortal, MythTV, NextPVR, NT TV, and many more.
The Kodi TV free interface features a lot of skincare that lets you alter the appearance. Choose an option that suits your preferences. Your curiosity will be captured by the captivating and eye-catching UI.

Key Features:

  • A media player that is open-source and free to use is Kodi TV.
  • most video formats are supported.
  • Easy to use and simple UI.
  • update software frequently.

Kodi TV APK for Android installation:

  • Navigate to Settings > Security > Device Administration Turn “Unknown Sources” on.
  • Open the the.APK file that you downloaded.
  • Install the new system now.
  • When prompted, select Open after finishing.t selection of skins and add-ons.


If you love to watch television channels on the internet, this app is a great app for you, now you can do it using the new Android TV. Most of the application users of different smartphones like to watch TV on the go and want to enjoy it, then use this app.

Users just need to download the special Kodi TV for Android application on their phone and they will be able to access live channels and watch videos in real-time. Send a brief note to us through the comment area if you have any questions. As soon as we can after reading your message, we will respond to you. Now you can install this app whenever you want to install Kodi TV Apk on your Android without having to go anywhere else.

November 21, 2022