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IMoba Free Fire
Android 5.0+
9.3 MB

As the name suggests, IMoba Free Fire is a small tool that introduces traps into Garena Free Fire, and it is a brand-new tool that can provide skins for heroes and weapons without paying a penny. Pick up those important parts of the game again and get the real app immediately. This way you can keep up with other people in the game. Thank you very much to the capable developers who found cheating opportunities in Free Fire. It is impossible to multiply your progress so much and become part of a professional player.

In the best battle royal game, you can also find Free Fire in the top 3. You know that it is almost impossible to meet players with professional skins, heroes, weapons, skills, etc. because each player has 50 survivors. Therefore, you will face different players with different skills. Fighting against incompetent players is not a big problem.

However, professional players always have a difficult time. Don’t you know which old players will kill you immediately? Therefore, IMoba Free Fire can help you solve any problem within a minute. He will immediately inform you about its attributes. For your reference, the new IMoba 2021 app is the latest version of IMoba Bangmament. If you are using an older version, it is time to use a newer file. This will definitely bring more comfort.

Features of IMoba Free Fire:

You have seen several Bang Mamet products before, but this new injector configuration only applies to the FF kit. Seeing all the features of the game is the dream of every game player. There is no doubt that this miniature will make you a different gamer. Details are as follows.


The new legendary avatar VVIP package series is now available. For example, the VVIP configuration package is currently only useful for V.01 and V.02 data.


Also has a new FF weapon skin series. For example, you can easily get Data Config VVIP Weapon Only V.01, Full Skin, etc.

Free App:

Fortunately, the developers made it a free tool, so you can download or use their services without paying.

Safe to Use:

Because all changes are visible to users and invisible to others, you are not part of the attack. All changes are only for you.

In addition, IMoba Free Fire does not display any third-party advertisements. It does not contain passwords, login names, subscriptions, etc. Don’t worry about being locked out.

Additional Features:

  • Free to download and install.
  • Anti-ban.
  • Is easy to install.
  • Expansion and user-friendly interface.
  • Extended and updated graphics.
  • Applies to all Android devices.
  • Free for Download and use.

How to use IMoba Free Fire?

First, click the download button at the top of this page. You will get the latest, error-free, and genuine APK in a few seconds. Then install it after allowing installation of non-Play Store apps. In this way, you will get half of the revenue.

  • Open the IMoba Free Fire APK.
  • Select the skin to be used.
  • Was put into use directly.
  • Waiting for 100% downloading.
  • Your hero or weapon will be automatically configured.
  • Try a different mask at a time.


On the other hand, if you want to share your changed appearance with other players, you must purchase the original costume, IMoba Free Fire APK will change the content for you, and other people cannot see these comments, so you can safely download this application while using it illegally resource. Do you want it? So don’t wait any longer and become the owner now. In addition, you can try to use Zolaxis Patcher to make cute skins, emotes, recalls, and other features.

January 30, 2023