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AA Modz New APK Latest v3.4 Download Free For Android (no key)

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AA Modz New
AA Modz
Android 5.0+
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Hello friends, Welcome to our website, where we provide you with the new and latest apps and all the information you need to know. All Bang Bang game lovers know how boring the games become when you keep losing. It makes you annoyed and frustrated. By using this app, your confidence will be built up way high enough that you will want to fight experienced players in the game. All the old Mobile Legend Bang Bang lovers know that this is not an ordinary shooting. In the game where you keep on killing people and winning stages, you are given so many almost impossible-to-complete tasks and missions. 

All Bang Bang lovers keep downloading and trying different injectors, but all the other injectors available on the market are outdated and lack so many features. Other people using VIP cards give you a very tough time and you keep losing all games to them. Now it’s time to download AA Modz and make your game easier and more interesting. You can also enjoy so many premium features and items for free. You can enjoy up to 90% of the featured items and luxuries similar to VIP users. You will also get so many game hacks. This app is very trustworthy and its functionalities are updated and very useful.

About AA Modz:

AA Modz APK is an MLBB Injector App that will help you to enjoy premium items and features, and it will assist you in winning the game. This enables you to detect features, and they will protect your account from getting banned. And it has built-in protection features that save you from hackers and scammers. All your personal information is saved with us as we do not allow any third party to get involved. This app will be the best help tool for you. You will be provided with so many featured skins and limited additional items. Your firing will become more damaging. You will be provided with features such as enemy lag and rank booster to write your name in the top best players’ list. 

Features of AA Modz:

Ml Skins: 

You will be provided with so many Ml trending and exciting skins.

Feature Items: 

You will be provided with so many featured items and limited additional accessories to use in the game.

High Damage: 

Your fire will be more damaging than normal players and this hack will work to your advantage to kill the enemy easily.

Enemy Lag:

During the fight, you can get the advantage of this feature by making your enemy lag so his movements will become slower and he will miss his fire attacks.


You will be the winner of the game automatically.

Rank Booster: 

This feature will increase the points of your game and boost your rank making you one of the top players.

Auto Drone: 

You will be able to get the Arial view of the ground and analyze all positions of your enemies.

Camera 3D View: 

Your camera will give you a 3D view by using moving it in all directions without moving so you can see all around all sides of your player without exposing your location. 


This feature helps to keep your phone temperature low so the processor of your phone does not become slow.


By using this feature whenever your target dot will be placed on an enemy it will fire them automatically.

Other features of AA Modz New:

  • Supported with android phones
  • No root
  • No ads
  • No lag
  • Esp Controls
  • Free of cost
  • easy to use
  • Inbuilt cheats
  • Show hero name
  • Enemy location
  • Anti-ban
  • No key
  • All unlocked skins


As of now, you have thoroughly read all the features and information regarding this app, so download the AA Modz New APK now if you are a Bang Bang lover. Many other websites are offering older versions of this app, and you will see many other apps with similar names to this app, so don’t get confused with matching names and matching icons. To solve this issue, we have already provided you with a safe link to the latest version of this app. If you like this app, share it with all your friends and with people you know. We hope this article was not boring and you enjoyed it. 

March 24, 2023