AG Injector APK V5.0 Free Download

Are you tired because of using old skins in MLLB games? Do you want to use free skins in MLLB games? Do you want to change your appearance? So, here you go with our new application AG Injector APK.

About AG Injector:

AG Injector APK is developed by YouTuber Aneh. Aneh has also a youtube channel named Aneh Gaming Injector Apk. This application is created for the purpose to use free skins. In MLLB games you have to reach a specific level, you should have to increase your rank or you have to pay to use the premium skins in the game. So to get rid of all this stuff hackers make it easier by developing hacking games for players so they don’t have to do make much effort to get free skins.

AG Injector application is a mainstream application that makes it simple for Mobile legend fans to open their ideal skins. It fundamentally gives unique skin to all the epic legends that are either or you are permitted to open with diamonds. This application automatically opens you’ve desired skins when you just tap on the inject button but you have to perform this process separately for each skin because these applications give you access to unseal only one skin at once.

Anyway, there is no restriction or whole so you can do that as much as you want there are no limitations. So get this application now show your opponent your new looks and defeat them without any hesitation by unlocking all your favorite skins and heroes for free.

All the skins in this application are provided in a special edition. This application gives you access to enjoy and experience all those skins for free and the most interesting thing about this application is that you don’t have to pay a single penny to use all those skins this application is giving you free access to all those skins which you are wishing for additionally, this application is also free you must have to use this application because this application is the best application than the other Ez stars injector.

This application has all the skins for over 48 Mobile Legends heroes like.

  • Grock
  • Fanny
  • Lesley
  • Chou

Features of AG Injector:

  • User-friendly application.
  • The app is available for free.
  • All the premium feature skins are available free without spending a single penny.
  • All the skins are available by clicking the skins once.
  • No such permissions required other than your device storage.
  • This application is free of ads.
  • Compatible and safe.
  • This application doesn’t require root access.
  • This application requires Android 4.4 or above.

Features added to the new version of AG Injector APK:

In the new version of AG Injector Apk following features are added:

  • Cecilion Elite Skins.
  • Carmila Elite.
  • Wanwan Starlight.
  • New Pharsa Epic Skins.
  • Freya Epic.
  • Nana Special.
  • Angela Special.

And much more all the above skins are unsealed in the new version old version doesn’t gives you the above skins.

How to Download?

There is no such efforts to download this application our website will provide this application so just tap on the download button or the link to download the application.

How to install and use?

  • After downloading the app now follow these steps to install the application on your phone safely.
  • Go to download applications on your phone or download option in your browser.
  • Now install the application but your device asks for permission from unknown sources allows permissions from unknown sources.
  • The installation will be started.
  • After the application is installed it will appear on your home screen.
  • Open the application and select your favorite skins of your own choice.
  • Inject the skin it will take few seconds to inject the skin.
  • Enjoy your game.

Is Safe to use:

This application is a third party application so we can’t give you a guarantee about this app although this app is working properly and precisely but be careful while using this app in the games. Download this application for free from our website so you can download this application and enjoy the features for free of cost.


Enjoy your Mobile legends game with free skins and heroes by just one click on the skin and injecting it. AG Injector APK latest version is helping you out to use free skins without spending a single penny. Download the application now and enjoy your games.

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